ANCV holiday vouchers: here we accept them

ANCV paper or CONNECT holiday vouchers


The Chèque-Vacances allows you to pay for your holiday and leisure expenses at a lower cost.

Accommodation, catering, travel & transport, culture and discovery, sports activities (...) the Chèque-Vacances accompanies you in all your projects.

It can be used all year round for services in France (including overseas departments and regions) and for countries in the European Union.

The Chèque-Vacances is valid for 2 years in addition to its year of issue (a check issued in 2021 is valid until 31/12/2023). At the end of its period of validity, if you have not used all your checks, you can request their exchange.


Here we accept them :-)

Holiday vouchers are accepted in all the apartments of the 3 islands residence.

Paper and e-Connect ANCV holiday vouchers

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