Our guest house

Our guest house: the charm of the old linked to the comfort of a new house!

0- A connected home

Ethernet sockets for wired Internet access anywhere. Wi-Fi relays for remote access.

1- Intelligent ventilation

We have installed double flow ventilation which filters the air and cleans the atmosphere of the house. Fine particles, dust, pollen and other allergens are thus greatly reduced in our home.

In addition, the double flow VMC makes it possible to recover the calories from the outgoing air to heat the fresh air thanks to the principle of the exchanger, thus saving energy.

2- Effective insulation

Renovating a stone house required completely reviewing the interior insulation to ensure optimal thermal comfort. We have chosen to bare all the walls and insulate with a healthy, bio-sourced and effective material.

Details :

Biofib trio is a semi-rigid ecological insulating material, composed of a mixture of hemp, linen and cotton for better thermal and acoustic insulation.

3- Gentle warmth in winter

The heating has also been completely revised: we have installed a gas central heating network, with a low temperature boiler and old-style radiators.

4- Original parquet floors

We wanted to preserve the charm of the old and restore its original beauty, so we sanded all the floors in the house and applied an ecological oil.