Tourism: not to be missed!

1 - Binic-Etables-sur-mer: the historic district of Godelins, the beaches, the GR34,
the port of Binic-Etables-sur-mer and the little corners of the town

The Godelin district

Historic district from the beginning of the 20th century, you will discover a history, beautiful villas and a typical charm of the Belle Epoque.

Did you know ?

The Binic-Etables-sur-mer tourist office has published a brochure in the "heritage" collection: Itinerary of a tourist in Etables in 1909. 45 min. Secure footpath, accessible to accompanied people with reduced mobility and strollers.

The beaches and the GR34

There are many beaches in our town, all different, wild or downtown.

You will be able to discover them with pleasure.

The GR34, called the "customs officers' trail", borders all of Brittany's coasts for more than 2,000 kilometres. From the rocky island and the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, in the Manche department, the GR® 34 reaches its goal in Saint-Nazaire, in Loire-Atlantique.Undoubtedly, with this itinerary, you will discover all the richness and variety of maritime Brittany.


Did you know ?
The Binic-Etables-sur-mer tourist office has published a brochure in the "heritage" collection: the sea caves of Etables-sur-mer . 2 hour course. Footpath accessible at low tide. Departure from the Godelins beach (right next to our guest room).

The port of Binic

In Binic, you can pleasantly stroll along the port, stroll in front of the shops, have a drink on the terrace or eat an ice cream facing the boats.

In summer, the many activities will immerse you in the local festive life.

Also worth discovering is the tomb of a real corsair, still visible today in the heart of the marine cemetery of Binic. This astonishing character died in his bed over 100 years old, a miracle for the time!On its white marble stone it is still possible to read the epitaph which designates him as "good father and good husband regretted by all" but also to see engraved on its slab the famous and formidable skull crossed with two shins.


Also to discover:

- the tourist circuits (6 to 10 km) which will make you enjoy the surrounding landscapes: Ic valley, Pourrhis viaduct, Saint-Gilles chapel...

- Saint-Quay-Portrieux which is a charming seaside resort, with its 5 fine sandy beaches, its coastal path (GR34) and its many activities.

- the cliffs of Plouha (15 minutes away). Located north of Saint-Quay-Portrieux, these are the highest cliffs in Brittany. 104 meters high, the Pointe de Plouha is the highest point of the rocky coast 14 km long and home to hidden coves, nesting areas for birds, an old port and a chapel containing terrifying frescoes.


2 - Paimpol, Bréhat Island and Beauport Abbey

The port of Paimpol

In 1895, more than 80 schooners (30 meters long and 500 m2 of sail), moored in the port, left for cod fishing on the banks of Iceland. It was then possible to go from one quay to another by crossing the schooner deck. This time of the Icelanders, made the fame of Paimpol.

Today, Paimpol is a multi-activity port: yachting, coastal fishing, and oyster farming .

Brehat Island

At the tip of Arcouest, in Ploubazlanec, the "stars of Bréhat" or "Sur mer Bréhat" take you to this archipelago called "the island of flowers" because of its climate conducive to lush and exotic vegetation.

3.5 km long and 1.5 km wide , the island can be visited on foot or by bike (rental on site), cars being prohibited. From the landing stage to the Paon lighthouse, in the far north of the island, an enchanting setting awaits you.We also advise you to stay there one night to enjoy its unique atmosphere to the rhythm of the tides.


3 - Pontrieux and its surroundings


Classified as a small city of character, Pontrieux is called the "little Venice of Trégor". Rich in a beautiful historical heritage, it will enchant you with its 50 private washhouses along the Trieux river in the heart of the Small City of Character. It is possible to discover these washhouses by boat (electric and therefore silent) on the river. Change of scenery guaranteed!


Did you know ?

Festivities not to be missed in Pontrieux:

  • Last Saturday evening in July: Fest-Noz
  • First Monday of August: "Old Market"
  • August 15: Washhouse Festival,
  • Every 2 years (odd years), mid-July: Mechanical Music Festival

The Trieux Steam

This steam trainyou will discover an exceptional panorama!

After leaving Paimpol, the train runs along the Trieux estuary, where no car passes. A 40-minute stop at the Traou Nez estuary house, a mansion in the middle of the forest, will allow you to discover the Penhoat-Lancerf forest massif while enjoying the shows and activities offered by the Conservatoire du Littoral. Back on board, don't miss the Château de la Roche-Jagu, which has both a defensive facade and that of a beautiful Breton manor. The train then crosses the Frynaudour viaduct which spans the Leff, a few kilometers before arriving in Pontrieux. An original and picturesque way to discover the region!

The castle of Roche Jagu

Overlooking a very deep bend in the river, the site on which Roche-Jagu stands has always been an excellent lookout point, hence the construction of a feudal mound in the 11th century which will gradually become a stone fortress .Destroyed in the 14th century, it will be rebuilt by Catherine de Troguindy from 1405 with the authorization of the Duke of Brittany Jean V. Take a walk in the park, stroll through the simple garden and discover the Palmeraie. Arrived on the promontory, open your eyes wide! From here, the panorama of the region is striking.


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